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I am Noelene Dawes and I specialise in developing sustainable personal power to grow leadership and sales results.

With extensive experience in the financial services industry, and a wealth of experience in sales and service management, I know from real experience how vital it is for leaders and salespeople to get traction early, achieve results, and enjoy what they are doing. My clients build abilities in being decisive, being influential and getting results.

On a Thursday morning in April 2000, the new Head of the business knocked on the door of my office. Although we occupied adjoining offices, we rarely saw each other. He arrived at the office each day before 7:00am closed the door, diligently worked, called and met other executives, and left the office around 7:30pm, or so I was told. It was a critical time of change, the company had recently been subject to a take-over and I had elected to accept redundancy.

He said “Noelene, I have just learned you are leaving us, I am sorry to hear that and I am astounded that we weren’t able to find a place for you in this new environment”. I explained… “After 16 years I feel it’s a bit like being a teenager, I should leave home while I still think I know everything.” We both chuckled and I continued… “But seriously, I believe it is time I moved on and explored the possibilities within the wider world of business. I am not especially tied to the world of insurance and I am not keen to return to a line management position having enjoyed a range of responsibilities”.

He sat on the end of my expansive office desk return and quietly asked “What are you going to do and more to the point, what would you love to do?” Without thinking at all I replied “What I would love to do is to work with executives to show them that wearing themselves and others out with overwork, undue pressure, and reactive behaviour on a daily basis serves no purpose and is not practical or effective. They must realise that the example they set is not useful for them, others and especially not for the business”.

To this he replied “Best put me on your list as your first client!” We laughed and he wished me well. I invested some months in looking at my new direction and later heard he had suffered a major health crisis and had retired.

Thus my resolve was and is strengthened to pursue this path.

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