Emotional Resilience
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Coaching Testimonials

Applied Training Solutions Pty Ltd
“Removing myself from the day to day issues has always been my biggest challenge, Noelene has challenged my thinking to allow me to strategically operate at a higher level therefore ensuring that my time and energy is directed at the activities that add value to the longevity of the business,

I highly recommend this course to any senior manager who is stuck in the day to day issues BUT knows they need to be working on the bigger picture within their organisation.”
Carlo Lauricella – Director, Applied Training Solutions P/L

“My issue was scattered focus at work and home without feeling I was in ‘control’ of my direction – and consequently my future. Noelene’s coaching provided time out to focus on issues, allowed me to realise I have the answers and ability to manage my reactions – to then observe and be proactive so I achieve my dreams and goals and maintain balance and have fun.

The result is a calmer state of mind and the ability to ‘step outside’ of myself. I can use these tools during times of crisis and self-doubt.
Chivonne Watt

BOC Limited
“Noelene’s approach is unique, she has a great gift for looking deep inside and identifying root causes. This ability allows her to work with you to come up with all the answers to your own questions, something far more effective for me than being preached on.

Unlike other ‘motivational’ courses that I have done Unlocking Potential with Noelene has stuck with me months afterwards, making this more than just a ‘sugar hit’. Notable differences observed since are in my output and quality of work, my interaction with my peers, senior management, and even friends, making me far more effective and far
happier with myself and my role.

I would recommend Noelene Dawes and Unlocking Potential to anyone that needs anything from a tune up to a complete rebuild, well worth the personal and professional investment.

If I was to sum my experience up in a single phrase it would be:
“this is not another diet, it’s your new outlook on life”.”
Perry Roukis, National Product Manager, BOC Limited

Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd
“Noelene provided me with tools to assist me in getting the most out my colleagues and myself, which showed me my true potential in both my professional and personal life.”
Kathy Tilbury, Property Manager, Australian Technology Park

BOC Limited
“I asked Noelene to coach one of my employees to enhance the quality of his communication, and I could not be happier with the results achieved. His style of communication is now so easy and effective, that the growth in his role has been exponential, and the previously sceptical Senior Manager is now convinced about the value of training. There is no doubt that his growth is confidence related and is now self perpetuating.

Noelene has an easy style to work with providing for a non confrontational, yet professional and corporate approach.

Overall we have received an excellent return on the investment of time and money.”
Owen Knight, Business Manager Refrigeration, South Pacific, BOC Limited

Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd
“I am amazed at the profound affect you had on my view of the world. I can relate to others on their level with a total feeling of comfort and poise that I had only dreamed about. Thank you so much for helping me unlock my inner strength and knowledge.”
Eve Knight, Manager, Asset Management

Splash Group
“With the help of Noelene Dawes I have been able to pinpoint what works for me and what doesn’t. Noelene’s coaching technique is unique in that she identifies and understands what is unique about you and works within those parameters, rather than trying to fit a specific training model to you. She is a patient and fantastic coach… one of the best.”
Amanda Stevens, Managing Director, Splash Group, Milsons Point, NSW

essencion pty ltd
“Noelene has given me the right tools to get a congruent alignment in making a business decision that I had not been able to implement before. I have won a lot of clarity – not only for today but also for my future business success. Thank you for helping me to get on the right track.”
ingrid messner, director, essencion pty ltd, Mosman, NSW

O’Connors Strata & Property Specialists Pty Ltd
“Noelene Dawes brought a wealth of knowledge to our Coaching Sessions, which has helped me to better address complex senior level performance issues. Her biggest contribution was to show me how to change my perspective rather than continually focusing on the problem. I was able to immediately apply this technique and see immediate results. This has radically changed not only my experience of having to address performance issues but has also achieved a better result for all those involved. I would highly recommend Noelene to help you look at issues from another perspective.”
Margaret O’Connor, Director, O’Connors Strata & Property Specialists Pty Ltd

Leap Frog Loans
“I was coached by Ian over a period of approximately 6 months, mostly via telephone, with some face to face sessions. Initially, I’m not sure what I wanted to achieve with the program. Most of the issues in my life seemed either to small to be ‘worthy’ of coaching or too large & scary to even consider tackling ‘again’.

Ian was very easy to talk to (he listens well) and understood my fear of tackling something ‘too big’ and ‘tangible’ (like income!). So we started the coaching with some small, but really quite important issues – a family relationship that had been worrying me for some time. Using the Outcome planning worksheets Ian helped to really understand what was at the ‘bottom’ of my problem, what were my choices and to design an action plan that really would ‘cure’ the problem.

I was really amazed at how quickly this process could make changes in my life and how important these changes were! After this small ‘success’ I was happier to tackle some ‘bigger’ and more ‘tangible’ goal/outcomes. Each step of the way, Ian was able to help me develop and progress, providing tools to overcome ‘dragons’ in my life, understand life cycles and many other techniques.

Now, some twelve months later looking back at my notes and worksheets, I am filled with awe at what I have actually achieved. I find myself in a position that is totally unexpected and different from what we envisaged/planned and yet completely in-line and fulfilling the major outcome we worked on together! Wow!

From the small victories of developing personal daily habits; improving family relationships; right through to the huge, life changing achievement of a business/career ‘dream’ of many many years that seemed out of reach, the programme has surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend Ian as a coach to anyone wishing (wanting!) to improve their life.”
Fiona Herbert, Leap Frog Loans, Narraweena, NSW

Curran & Associates
“You (Ian) understood my objectives and helped design a schedule template to meet these. To be honest, it all seemed relatively easy and I have already over achieved — I guess this means you’re good!

The major difference with you guys is you genuinely care and I like what you’re doing. You are not dictative rather consultative. All up, in the first 3 months after seeing you, I tripled my revenue expectation!”
Ben Burrell, Curran & Associates, Executive Search & Selection, Sydney, NSW