Emotional Resilience
Be Decisive, Be Influential, Get Results

Emotional Resilience for Leadership

A change management system facilitating decision making at a macro and micro level to achieve business outcomes and personal goals. A program to enhance communication and influence skills at an advanced level.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring

  • Challenges and outcome clarified and blocks removed.
  • Awareness of positive and negative patterns.
  • Optimised decision-making and action.
  • Communication and influence style identified.
  • Strategies to optimise style.
  • Strategies to develop behavioural flexibility.
  • Defined bespoke decision-making process.
  • Know how to apply individually or with other players.
  • Practice in applying across contexts.
  • Understand complexities of the process.
 Available as either:
Express Coaching
  • Five one hour sessions over five weeks.
  • Ideal for an acute issue that requires prompt attention.
Executive Coaching
  • 12 one hour sessions over 12 months.
  • Ideal for executive development.

Team Coaching

  • Effective team outcome planning.
  • Consistent team decision-making.
  • Sustainable positive operating environment.
  • Aligned vision and values.
  • Leveraged team diversity.
  • Consistent management practices.
  • Strategic issues thoroughly discussed.
  • Considered timely strategic decisions made.
  • Actions determined and formally agreed.
 Available as either:
Express Program
  • Two one day sessions two weeks apart.
  • The two week gap is to allow implementation of the results of the first session to maximise the value of the second session.
  • Ideal for a team needing fast results.
Executive Program
  • Four half day sessions over four months.
  • This program is ideal for team development as it provides the time for team members to progressively implement change.

Executive Discussion Group

  • Achievement issues explored through open discussion.
  • Diversity leveraged for mutual support.
  • Improve ongoing efficiency and decision making.
  • Communication issues explored through open discussion.
  • New perspectives on usefulness of diversity.
  • New perspectives on delegation and influence.
  • Team issues explored and discussed.
  • Options brought out and discussed.
  • Decisions agreed and actions delegated.
 Available as either:
Express Program
  • One or two day retreat.
  • Ideal for an executive team needing fast results.
Executive Program
  • Monthly sessions of two to four hours.
  • This program is ideal for an executive group needing a forum to address business issues and for individual and team development .