Emotional Resilience
Be Decisive, Be Influential, Get Results

Emotional Resilience for Sales

A program focused on improving measurable results by building and maintaining motivation, persistence and consistent positive practices.

The intention of this initiative is to enhance the results of professional sales managers and their sales executives to achieve business outcomes and personal goals.

The program is focused specifically on providing value to those who want to excel by learning how to build and maintain their performance by leveraging the pressures of the continuously changing environment.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring

  • Benchmarks set.
  • Challenges and outcome clarified and blocks removed.
  • Awareness of positive and negative patterns.
  • Understand and recognised the subtleties of motivators.
  • Optimised decision-making and action.
  • Communication and influence style identified and refined.
  • Strategies to optimise unique individual style.
  • Strategies to develop behavioural flexibility.
  • Template for ongoing development.
  • Practice in applying across contexts.
  • Understand the complexities of motivation and behaviour.
 Available as either:
Express Coaching
  • Five one hour sessions over five weeks.
  • Ideal for an acute issue that requires prompt attention for sales executives or sales managers.
Executive Coaching
  • 12 one hour sessions over 12 months.
  • Ideal for executive development.

Sales Team Coaching

  • Benchmarks set.
  • Effective individual and team outcome planning.
  • Consistent individual and team decision-making.
  • Sustainable positive operating environment.
  • Aligned bottom line vision and values.
  • Leveraged team diversity.
  • Consistent sales practices.
  • Strategic sales issues thoroughly discussed.
  • Consistent motivation strategies discussed and practised.
  • Actions determined with activity and results measured.
 Available as either:
Express Program
  • Two one day sessions two weeks apart.
  • The two week gap is to allow implementation of the results of the first session to maximise the value of the second session.
  • Ideal for a team needing fast results.
Executive Program
  • Four half day sessions over four months.
  • This program is ideal for team development as it provides the time for team members to progressively implement change.

Sales Managers’ Discussion Group

  • Achievement issues explored through open discussion.
  • Diversity in approach leveraged for mutual support.
  • New perspectives on improving team motivation and consistency.
  • Communication issues explored through open discussion.
  • New perspectives on behavioural flexibility.
  • New perspectives on negotiation and influence.
  • Specific issues explored and discussed.
  • Options sought and discussed.
  • Actions agreed, activity and results assessed.
 Available as:
Sales Managers’ Program
  • Four half day sessions over four months.
  • Ideal for ongoing development providing time for individual team members to progressively refine and measure enhancements.