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Facilitating Testimonials

Business Swap International
“Thank you for facilitating the Business Swap Strategic Planning Retreat. We achieved all of our outcomes:

  • Thoroughly discuss issues;
  • Make considered strategic decisions; and
  • Determine the actions necessary during the year.

The processes that you introduced us to is one we can continue to use for even more effective board and executive meetings. Your skills kept us on track and on time, while allowing flexibility to explore all issues. We felt engaged and energised and very satisfied with the entire event, which has positioned us to effectively move forward and grow.”
Ann Rolfe, Chair, Business Swap Board of Directors

National Speakers Association Australia
“Noelene, congratulations for your efforts with the NSAA Sydney Chapter Leadership Team’s 2005 Retreat. Your systematic and insightful process in getting the team aware of one another’s strengths was masterful. You understood the brief and kept us moving towards the outcome we needed. Everyone felt empowered by your process and ready to tackle their specific goals at the end. I’m sure that it has created a foundation that we can build on to the make the Chapter a formidable organization in 2006.’
I am happy to recommend Noelene in the future.”
Camille Valvo, President NSW Chapter 2006, National Speakers Association Australia