Emotional Resilience
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Maintaining Personal Power in a Changing World

In March 2009 Noelene gave a speech to the Sydney Chapter of the Project Management Institute on the subject: “Maintaining Personal Power in a Changing World”.

There was so much interest in this topic that the meeting was rescheduled to allow a larger venue to be provided, and it was still overbooked!

This CD is a live recording of that presentation. The CD comes with a printed copy of the slides that Noelene used in her presentation.

What is this speech about?

Delivering results depends on your personal power. As the world changes it becomes increasingly vital to build and maintain your personal power. The key result area indicator is your ability to effectively influence others to get things done.

Given the uncertainty of the current environment, building emotional resilience enables you to respond quickly and appropriately from a strong centre. This helps you more effectively release your talent and skill.

Influencing is an integral part of applied emotional resilience. Enhancing knowledge and skill in this realm enables you to get more done with less and build vital relationships for the short and long term.

Personal power is not about controlling it is about having a sufficiently resourced personal state to notice and meet the needs of others in order to achieve mutual objectives.

Whether you are yet to be impacted by the tide of change, feeling the ripples or in the midst of a wave, you are best served to be well-prepared and resourced to ensure you ride the wave rather than feeling it crashing over you.

In this Audio CD Noelene will give you new perspectives to get the most from yourself and others.

5 key takeaways

  • How to actively pursue your own evolution
  • How to identify and navigate obstacles
  • How to leverage pressure
  • How to build and maintain emotional resilience
  • How to lead with flexibility to get results

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