Emotional Resilience
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Pearls of Wisdom Jewellery

Crystallised wisdom for instantly accessible emotional resilience when you need it most. Each pearlised crystal has its own meaning and all are connected. Touching one in turn activates the whole and becomes a string of crystallised wisdom.

You have your own unique talent and skill. This string of wisdom is designed to assist you to activate what you already know when emotion runs high and you want to take control. You instantly get perspective, think rationally and alleviate emotion, simply touching one will bring each of the others to mind.

Activate your string of unique wisdom by putting on your necklace and touch each pearl in turn. As you read each attribute, reflect on those you do well and those you may want to enhance.

Full instructions are included with each set of pearls.

About the Jewellery

The “Eight Pearls of Wisdom” is a very special piece of jewellery designed in collaboration between CelesteJewel and Noelene Dawes and available exclusively to Emotional Resilience clients and friends. It is hand-crafted to the highest standards from Swarovski Crystal Pearls and sterling silver components, clasps and chains.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls have the same weight as a cultured pearl. Each pearl has a crystal core which causes it to glow from within. The coating developed by Swarovski is applied in several layers and does not lose its pearl finish and lustre. A Swarovski Crystal Pearl feels good to the touch and as a piece of jewellery it offers that sensual experience valued by pearl enthusiasts.

The pearls are available in white or cream (make your selection during the checkout process).

“The Pearls of Wisdom” normally ship within 2 business days. We will notify you by email when your order ships.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase please contact us and we will address them promptly.