Emotional Resilience
Be Decisive, Be Influential, Get Results

The Proactiv8or® Guidance System

Proactiv8or® is a personal change system that is practical, logical and will ignite your individual creativity. It is designed specifically to:

  • Expand your capacity to think
  • Expand your knowledge base
  • Ignite your motivation
  • Help you make more informed, clear decisions on the run
  • Form the habits that help you find activity flow
  • Learn how your habits help and hinder you
  • Learn how to create habits that support you.

By learning the 8 phase system you’ll discover how to clarify what you really want; determine how to achieve it; and identify how to maintain your motivation.

“Removing myself from the day to day issues has always been my biggest challenge, Noelene has challenged my thinking to allow me to strategically operate at a higher level therefore ensuring that my time and energy is directed at the activities that add value to the longevity of the business, I highly recommend this system to any senior manager who is stuck in the day to day issues BUT knows they need to be working on the bigger picture within their organisation.”
Director, Registered Training Organisation

The Proactiv8or® Guidance System has the following components:

  • Proactiv8or® Concept CD
  • Proactiv8or® Guide CD
  • Proactiv8or® Workbook / Manual
  • Proactiv8or® Worksheets
  • Free Emotional Resilience Maintenance Manual

An eBook version of the Proactiv8or® Guidance System is also available.

Special Offer:

  • A Free 30 minute phone call with me, the author of the system, to get you started. The investment for this is normally AU$200 (+ GST for Australian purchasers).
  • Free copy of the eBook version with the Physical Proactiv8or® product.

The Proactiv8or® Guidance System normally ship within 2 business days. We will notify you by email when your order ships.

The eBook version is available for immediate download. You will also receive download instructions by email. You will receive the usernames and passwords needed to register each of the eBooks by email.

If you have any questions regarding your purchase please contact us and we will address them promptly.