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Team Coaching Testimonials

CommInsure EIT
“In charge of a large team responsible for multiple applications across differing technologies and platforms, I found my managerial team (all skilled and capable technologists) lacked the skills to effectively define accountabilities, delegate meaningfully and report transparently. They also saw me as the problem solver instead of resolution facilitator, stumping their professional growth.

I worked with Noelene to devise a program to address these needs. Combining personal and team goals, the program addressed soft skills needed to change their day to day work practices, in the framework of becoming a high performance team leading high performance teams.

The results were excellent. 90% of the managerial team “got it” (10% moved on) and over time they changed the way they operated. Trust and collaboration between team members improved markedly, leadership skills improved, agreed managerial team goals were set and met. The ensuing professional growth energised both the direct report team and their downstream teams.

As I move to my next assignment I will seek Noelene out to deliver similar programs for me.”
Gordon Sneddon, Executive Manager, E-Systems & Automation, CommInsure EIT, Sydney, NSW

Defire Pty. Limited
“Defire provides a specialised building consultancy service in the field of performance based fire safety design. The key to success for a building consultancy is for its employees to deliver timely advice to our clients – both written and verbal – in an clear and effective manner.

Noelene delivered two separate 2 day training sessions to our staff on time management and communication. The results of the training are now evident to the business with a notable increase in achieving often-short client imposed deadlines. Everyone’s communication skills – both internal and external – have improved as a result of a better understanding of the different personality types and how best to communicate with each.

As each employee continues to use the tools Noelene provided during the training sessions I have no doubt they will become even more efficient and effective at servicing our clients. I believe Noelene provided us with tools to gain a competitive edge over our competitors in the industry. This can only improve in the future as we become better at using these tools and new staff learns them from the existing staff.”
Jason Jeffress, Managing Director, Defire Pty. Limited, Surry Hills, NSW

Shore Personnel
“In our business, we source employment for people with an intellectual disability. We provide training, ongoing support and assist them in the assimilation to the workplace. Our work environment is one of constant pressure, responding to client needs and emotions, reacting to challenging situations from employers, managing multiple projects and generally pushing to get things done.

We have a committed group of people who, despite their best efforts, were struggling to keep up, not always managing their environment satisfactorily, and generally feeling stressed and exhausted.

We needed a system and we needed help! We embarked on a time management program with Noelene and received immediate return on our investment with very positive results.

There is now have a consistent approach to how we plan and operate. I instigated a new weekly planning system, one of my co-workers created our own system to stop interruptions from other colleagues; we prioritise with greater effectiveness, have a heightened awareness of our communication and how that affects each other, and generally we are more productive and less stressed. Our measurable productivity increased by 20per cent within 3 weeks.

I have recommended Noelene to my associates.”
Kay Morrison, Manager, Shore Personnel, Chatswood, NSW

NMI Fashion Importers
“Our focus is on business growth in a very competitive industry. An important part of our strategy is to develop our people to support this growth. We identified that some of our people could improve their time management, especially given the stressors of the peaks and troughs of activity in the fashion industry. We want our people to be focused and work hard, whilst enjoying themselves and having a life.

Noelene was recommended to us, and based on our issues and time-frame; she worked with us individually and as a group.

We gained immediate results as well as deciding on some future systems to support our strategy.

The most obvious and immediate results were the clarification of job responsibilities. Individuals now have an understanding of how their colleagues like to work and communicate; this is a great asset in our client sensitive environment. We’ve introduced a phone answering system that has increased client focus, the calls are answered in a more professional manner, and stress and tension has considerably reduced. There has been an increase in accountability and clear communication. As a result of one of the issues raised within group discussions, one of our key people has introduced a consistent ordering system, which gives us immediate and long-term benefits. We have a plan to improve staff meetings, which will lead in to our six-month operational plan.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Noelene.”
David Mascitlli, General Manager, NMI Fashion Importers, Chippendale, NSW

Weekends For One
“The workshop helped me recognise why I was always running out of time and taught me new ways to achieve my goals. By showing me practical examples and insights into different styles of thinking I now feel better equipped to deal with different situations as they arise to keep on track.

Thanks Noelene for your holistic approach to time management. The personal assessment before and after the course gave me time to absorb the information and form a new routine helping me keep on track.”
Lorraine Grant, Director, Weekends For One, Sydney

Applied Training Solutions
“I loved this workshop and have no hesitation about referring it to anyone with time challenges.

The workshop was dynamic and thought provoking and gave me extremely relevant strategies to overcome my personal time challenges due to its direction and the input of the others who attended.

This workshop is a program and not just a day course, which makes it totally different to anything I’ve done in the past. It is designed to ensure you go into the workshop with a clear understanding of why you are attending and what you need to get out of it. Coupled with that, follow-up work is done to ensure you are keeping on track.

This program makes a difference!”
Natalie Lunn, Business Development, Applied Training Solutions, Smithfield

Techwriter Placements
“The course has provided me with a simple yet highly effective approach toward managing my life. I have now taken the reigns of my highly complex life and have created a structure for enjoying, achieving, and simply living each day.

Prior to attending the course, I felt as though I had painted myself into a corner as I tried to manage being a wife, mother, and business owner. I truly thought I had to choose between being a stay at home mum or a business owner. It seemed impossible to be able to manage all these different facets of my life and be effective.

Noelene provided an approach to time management that uses life purpose as the platform. Once I identified what was truly important to me, I was able to create the structure to support that. While it does take discipline to stay on track, the sense of freedom and empowerment it provides is incentive enough. I highly recommend this course and especially Noelene as an instructor. She is passionate about her work and she truly cares about giving something of value to her students.”
Julie Irey, Director, Techwriter Placements, North Sydney

Tricia Case Events Management
“Noelene is extremely professional and passionate about her program. The one-day workshop was informative and fun. New habits don’t happen overnight and Noelene encourages you to “take a break”, knowing where you’re coming back to within your project. By keeping the group small, each participant receives individual attention, including follow-up after the day session.”
Tricia Case, Tricia Case Events Management, Neutral Bay