Emotional Resilience
Be Decisive, Be Influential, Get Results

The Attributes of Emotional Resilience

Eight Pearls of Wisdom for Building and Sustaining Personal Power

What is it that can interrupt the flow of energy in committed, capable and confident people?

Most of us just get on with our lives at work and at home, some think more about how they operate than others, and… we all react or respond differently to challenges and crises.

Pressure is an inherent part of a productive healthy life. There is no learning or growth without challenge, no motivation without pressure.

The question is though, how much pressure is useful to get us going and how much does it take to stop us in our tracks.

If we handle the rigours of business pressure well, then why should we be interested in how to offset the effects of pressure by building emotional resilience?

Indeed most people are only interested in emotional resilience when they do not have it, when they have it, they do not even think about it. What about you?

Rather than simply being about how you respond to pressure, emotional resilience is the ability to consistently rebound from pressure and challenge. In a practical sense this is about your reserves of sustainable energy and your ability to access that energy at the moment you want it and need to use it.

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